Kardena & Mark Pauza
Hello! My name is Kardena
Pauza from Irvine, California.
I grew up in Colorado and
the outdoors was my
playground! Today my
husband, Mark, and I love
the outdoors. I enjoy
everything from surfing,
rollerblading, mountain biking, kick ball, golfing, snowboarding, weight training and beach volleyball. My workouts in the gym sure pay off because it allows me to play hard, enjoy beautiful Mother Nature, and still have tons of energy!
My Inspiration

My father was a national champion gymnast
from UCLA for 4 years. His amazing power on the rings and parallel bars always amazed and inspired me. He always ate healthy and stayed in perfect shape; he even hiked the Grand Canyon in his 70's without exhaustion! He accomplished all of this even without the use of his eyes; yes he was a blind gymnast! What incredible determination he had. If he could do everything blind, my excuses were weak in comparison. Even in his late 70's he ran along country roads in the high desert of California with only a cane to guide him to his destination. Talk about determination! Seeing my father so active into his 70's inspired me to take care of my body NOW so I can enjoy life when I get to be that age. Quality of life is so important to me. Who wants to be miserable in a wheelchair or confined to a chair with aches and pains because they didn't invest time in their health when they were younger? Not me!
It's working!

I started reading every book I could get my hands on that was no hype, down to business about how to lose weight and gain lean muscle. I was so excited to find out the truth, the truth nobody had ever told me before! I was amazed & excited! It was easy to apply what I was learning, then the weight dropped off, fast! I dropped 25 lbs! My confidence went through the roof, I looked great in my clothes with no bulges, I had so much more energy, more confidence, and I truly felt happier. Now I really made my Dad proud. I realized that being healthy and athletic was a vital part of my life & super important to me being successful & happy in all areas of my life.

I felt incredible and I was excited about my new life and body. I wanted everybody to experience the same amazing results I got! This is where my passion for training began and my realization that this is where I can contribute back to Orange County!
Success Stories!
My mother is a physical therapist and a nutritionist. I found the world of natural remedies & health foods to
be fascinating and exciting. She really inspired me! My huge curiosity in eating for energy and optimum health stemmed from my mom's enthusiasm and knowledge of nutrition. I conducted health seminars and food preparation classes for over 1,000's of people for 4 years educating about how to regenerate, cleanse, detoxify and rebuild the body naturally.

I have taken the best of both worlds of fitness and nutrition and combined them into my fat melting program which I have been passing on to all of my clients for the past 7+ years.
How I went from a size 7 to a size 1 in 3 months!

As a kid, I was always skinny and petite. When I started high school I was wearing a size 1 in pants and by the time I graduated I was fitting into a size 7. Size 7 was large for my petite bone structure, so I couldn't use the excuse that I was "big boned" like I hear other people say.

I was chunky and I didn't realize it until I over heard my sister telling my mom she noticed I was gaining weight & I had "cankles!" If my family was noticing I was gaining weight then I'm sure other people noticed. Were other people also talking about how chunky I had gotten? I got self conscious about how I looked and I didn't want to show my body to anyone! I had noticed my clothes were fitting pretty tight but I didn't realize I had gradually been buying larger clothes. I thought the clothes sizes were off not that I was gaining weight! I decided to join a local gym to get myself in shape and lose the chubbiness. I went to the gym every chance I got and even did 6 a.m. aerobic classes before going to school. I felt like I was working so hard and seeing no change!

I feel so confident in my program that if
within the first 30 days you are not absolutely
satisfied with my program & your results, I will
give you your money back + $50 for your timeā€¦If my program has not worked for you then I have not done my job and you deserve your money back. Your happiness and success is more important to me than money.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
or Your Money Back Plus $50 for Your Time!
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Before > After
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Before > After
I Won 1st Place in NPC Competition after having my son!

"When work was going great, I was very busy and put my health on the
back burner and ate whenever and whatever I could get my hands on.
My weight and waist gradually grew under all the stress. On top of managing my successful business, I got pregnant with my son. After having my son I was a size 12 and I was sick of being heavy, tired, and feeling unattractive.18 months after having my son I dropped my baby weight, got down to a size 2and went as far as competing in the West
Coast Classic NPC Bikini Division and winning 1st place. I feel so amazing! Thank you!"

~ Nicole Z.
Before > After
"I Put on 18 lbs. of Lean Muscle!

"When I first went to Kardena, I had very specific goals in mind.
I had always been slim, but I wanted to improve my muscle tone and
overall fitness.

After a lot of hard work coupled with a great deal of encouragement
and support from a great trainer, I was able to put on 18 lbs of lean
muscle. I have more confidence approaching women and I have had
more success getting dates.

Kardena is not only a knowledgable and experienced trainer, but a
great motivator. I'd recommend her to anyone who would like to improve
their overall physical fitness.

Thanks Kardena!"

~ Ray
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Sports Club/Irvine

My personal training career started at the Sports Club/ Irvine. I received two of the nation's top training certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and ISSA. I really liked training at the Sports
Club/ Irvine and I learned cutting edge techniques through their training programs. I launched my business, Edge Personal Training 2 years later.

My goal was to have a business where my clients would:

    * Have a great time working out
    * Be in a high energy environment
    * Be in a family and friendly environment
    * Get affordable personal training
    * See so much value in my program that they would even refer their friends
I've Lost 16 lbs. of Fat and I Went from a Size 4 to a Size 0...All After Having 2 Kids! AND I now Weigh the Same as I Did on My Wedding Day Over 8 Years Ago!

"I have 2 wonderful children and I had the stretched out stomach to show for it. I didn't think the lose skin and extra flab would ever go away and I was embarrassed to wear a bikini. I also had a busy schedule taking care of my family and a full time career that getting back to my pre baby weight didn't seem possible.  I learned so much from Kardena and I always look forward to my workouts.  She makes it fun, challenging, and never boring.  Thanks to Edge Personal Training, I am back to my wedding day weight which was over 8 years ago! I am SO EXCITED! The last 5-10 pounds is always the hardest to get off as you know, but I've done it!"

~ Jeegisha
Before > After
I Lost 22 lbs. of Fat and Gained 10 lbs. of Muscle in 3 Months!

I'm your typical athletic type of guy; workout 2-3 days a week and mountain bike on the weekends. I came to Kardena for one reason and that was to change my perception on healthy living. I was gaining weight and having no energy during the day. I thought I was eating correctly using workout
programs that I knew, and that worked for me in my early 20's. Kardena
showed me how and what to eat. By adjusting my eating habits and her
workout program, I can't express how grateful I am with the results that I
got! In 3 months I dropped 22 lbs. Of fat and gained 10 lbs. Of lean muscle! Plus I have energy ALL DAY LONG!

If you're reading this, do yourself a favor and call Kardena. She knows what she's talking about! Oh, there is one thing you should know: by the end of her orogram, I did have to tailor all of my clothes!"

~ Chris
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Health Secrets

I met my health mentor and guru 4 years ago at one of his national speaking engagements. I found out that night that he was 54 years old and he looked not a day over 37! He had overcome terminal illnesses at the young age of 25 and now assists others in overcoming illnesses their doctors have given up on. I did seminars, food classes and advanced detoxification seminars by his side for 4 years learning every thing I could. This advanced knowledge of how the longest living people in the world stay healthy, young, and strong was passed on to me. I am so grateful to learn these secrets and pass them on to my clients everyday!

Fitness Competition

I wanted to compete in a fitness competition so I decided to get myself in the best shape ever. I took 6 months to train for the competition and I got in the best shape of my life! I am happy to say I won the Ms. America Fitness competition and it was a great experience to learn what it takes to be in peak shape. I felt like I had really accomplished a challenging goal and I felt more empowered to take on other goals and challenges in my life. I think it's really important to have goals, milestones and events in your life that drive you to be your personal best.

Making Changes

As a trainer for over 7 years I have seen people make amazing transformations that have changed their life forever. I have helped people all over Orange County lose 1,000's of pounds. A quote I live by is "Change your attitude and you will change your life, have an attitude of gratitude and determination." Basically, be thankful for where you are currently and have determination for reaching your goals and dreams for the future. To be a successful trainer, I have to walk the talk and be an example for my clients. They are looking to me for inspiration and to be the pinnacle of health, no excuses. Learning and growing is a top value that I live my life by. You are always moving forward or backward, you are never standing still. I continue to learn so I can give my clients the best program ever!

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